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Lee Iacoca was right!

 Mustang is one of the longest running car models in history.

Pick 3 gentleman at random, get them a nice beverage, seat them comfortably and ask them to answer this question: "Who is the Hollywood star most associated with the Ford Mustang automobile?" When they all answer the question "Steve McQueen" in under 4 seconds it's up to you whether you let them finish their beverages before leaving. (If you're going to keep asking questions this easy, perhaps serving drinks in takeaway cups is a solution.)
Next, pick 3 women similarly at random and provide them with refreshments and comfy chairs and ask them to answer this question: "What particular qualities or attributes do you associate with Steve McQueen?" (Then just hope you've got enough drinks on hand to last a while.)The answers come very fast at first, then slower as the survey subjects take their time to really think about the quality of Mr. McQueen's qualities."Blue, blue eyes" (also, "the bluest blue eyes", "pale blue eyes - like faded denim" and so on. Various qualities of eye usage are mentioned: "piercing.", "knowing", "steady", "kind but uncompromising" - really? - etc.) Following is a random sampling of the general attributes most often mentioned:Tough. Rugged. Sexy. Strong. Blonde. Wild. Ready. Gorgeous. Exciting. A man's man. A challenge. Powerful. In control. Impossible to ignore. Like blue jeans with a tuxedo.And there you have it. If you're considering a project or promotional activity that requires any of the above qualities, you'll find them all and more - represented in a Mustang.Like this one:
​A Classic 1966 Ford Mustang 289. The colour, as it happens, is bluest blue. Coincidentally.

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