Leading the Pack

Jaguar's introduction of the E-Type took the auto world by storm

If you can think of a more timeless classic automobile than a Jaguar E-Type, please let us know and we'll buy one, restore it, shine it up, put you in the driver's seat, take a photograph and splash it across the front page of our website for a month.  Go on. We dare you.

Designed by Malcolm Sayer, it was famously declared by Enzo Ferrari, yes, THAT Enzo Ferrari, as "the most beautiful car ever made." (a statement for which he has never been accused of exaggerating because, well...look at it!)  The original Jaguar E-Type continues to attract and enthrall fans with its impossibly long, low, sleek, sinuous good looks.  Just standing next to it is like being with a movie star; people stop and stare, they want to touch it and take its picture; if they could, they'd ask for its autograph. They might ask for yours.  And the E-Type is more than willing to confer a similar allure on its companions; for who else but a billionaire, international playboy or rock star could be associated with an automobile like this?   If you're looking for a classic car to help in creating an image or an atmosphere of such outrageous cool that people will want to go home and change in order to feel worthy of standing next to it, then a car like this would not be a terrible choice. 

The elegant Jaguar E-Type.  Still the coolest Car.  Ever.


1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Coupe

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