1969 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
But do they really float?

If you're thinking you'd like to have one of our iconic vintage vehicles featured in an advertisement, or completing a photographic story guaranteed to make people smile, you're probably looking for something extraordinary; something bright and shiny - something big!  Stop doing that immediately!You've got to "think small", like the campaign that first formally launched the Volkswagen Beetle back in 1959 (and btw, changed the world of advertising forever) by doing something which at the time was totally unheard of: it made people think.  Wow. Radical. But Volkswagen's Beetle has always had a few tricks up its fender. Just glimpsing the original classic bug usually gets people grinning... and some people can't help but reflect on an oft remembered time where a Beetle was present... and  nearly everybody gets a little softer and kinder when they're under the spell of of a Volkswagen.

And then there's our bug... a fully restored, circa 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible in a creamy yellow that looks like hope and summer got married and had a Beetle.  Naturally it has all the grinning, reflecting, being nicer features, but like all the cars in our collection of vintage and classic automobiles, our bug is a little different from the rest. For one thing ours is just a little bit cuter than any other bug. It's also more fun and somehow, it's more convertible. Some say just being near our bug makes people think 11% more. (That's with the roof up or down.)And now you're smiling 6% more than usual aren't you?

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1969 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

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