Just because we at Vintage Auto Rentals own a valuable collection of classic luxury cars, live in Napa Valley and still have all our hair, people sometimes accuse of being snooty and still having hair. Nothing could be further from the truth except the parts about the cars and the hair of which we have plenty. True we have a vintage E-Type Jag, an Austin Healey, a classic Mercedes sports coupe and will soon be adding a vintage Magnum P.I.-style 1980 Ferrari, as well as many other magnificent automobiles, but it doesn't mean we're not plain, ordinary people exactly like yourselves. Except with fantastic cars and hair.  A growing collection of vintage, antique and classic cars, and the urge to share these wonderful cars with everyone.


This Jaguar XKE is just one of many wonderful vintage automobiles available from Vintage Auto Rental.

About Our Company

Weddings, weddings, weddings....

Brides and Grooms will thrill with the thought of

having their pictures taken in one of our

beautiful classic cars.  Engagement photos, pre-

wedding fun photos, post wedding bride and groom

on their get the idea.  Let us help you put

the finishing touch on your wedding.  Our

1960 Morris Minor convertible, painted in Old English White, is the perfect car to add class and fun to your wedding.  Specify the wedding car when booking.  (Due to the vintage nature of some of our cars, they are for photography use only)



Available daily, weekly...whatever works with your schedule.  Use our vehicles to enhance any event or promotion.  Picture a classic car parked outside of your new restaurant's grand opening.

Photo Shoots

We are proud to be able to provide our wonderful cars for use in photo shoots.  Let our cars add elegance and panache to your brochures, model shots, graduate photos, etc.  


Movie and television productions

Our cars make wonderful authentic additions to period pieces, or a sophisticated ride for any actor in a series.  From the 50's through the 70's, our cars span three decades of style.  From bohemian VW's to quintessential iconic British classics, we offer a selection to suit every need.

...and, With 30 years experience working in the Napa wine country we can help hook you up with everything from florists, photographers, and a host of providers who can help take your day from special to memorable.