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$899 for a two-hour exotic car driving adventure in Napa Valley or Bodega Bay • You’ll drive three cars: A Ferrari , A Lamborghini Gallardo, and a surprise car which could be an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc.  • Instructor will give you an introduction to the vehicles, along with 30 minutes of drive time in each car • Invite a friend or family member to ride along with you • Bring your camera to capture the beauty of the coast—lots of photo opportunities are available while you’re transitioning from one car to another • Makes a great gift for the car aficionado or thrill seeker in your life • 2-hour experience includes introduction at meeting location, 30 minutes driving each car (Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Porsche 911 Turbo), and photo ops with each car


Must be 25+ and sign liability waiver • Must have a valid driver’s license and provide proof of insurance • Driver may invite 1 passenger to ride in the car • Passengers over 8 years old are allowed to ride in the car at no extra charge; passengers are not allowed to drive • Driver must obey all traffic laws, signs and road regulations, and are responsible for any moving violation • All drivers must follow the lead car and are not allowed to pass • All drivers are required to listen to the lead car instructor at all times using a 2-way radiograph here.


Just because we at Vintage Auto Rentals own a valuable collection of classic luxury cars, live in Napa Valley and still have all our hair, people sometimes accuse of being snooty and still having hair. Nothing could be further from the truth except the parts about the cars and the hair of which we have plenty. True we have a vintage E-Type Jag, an Austin Healey, a classic Mercedes sports coupe and will soon be adding a vintage Magnum P.I.-style 1980 Ferrari, as well as many other magnificent automobiles, but it doesn't mean we're not plain, ordinary people exactly like yourselves. Except with fantastic cars and hair.  A growing collection of vintage, antique and classic cars, and the urge to share these wonderful cars with everyone.


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