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1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi - coming soon

Get your Magnum on.

Made iconic by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.  


1973 Volkswagen Thing

It can be just about anyTHING.

The civilian version of the famous World War II Kublewagen.  So sparse, so utilitarian, so ugly...and so utterly cool!  


1965 Austin FX4 London Taxi

A fixture on the streets of London for over 80 years.

Is there a more iconic and recognizable car in the world than the black London taxi?  A workhorse on the streets of London for over 80 years!  In fact the car has been so successful as both a transit vehicle and an icon that the modern versions used in London today share the same basic body shape and style so are instantly recognized as a London taxi.  With a back seat area large enough to set up a game of bowling, its the perfect car for a bride and groom.


1979 Mercedes Benz 450SL

Mercedes' ultimate luxury beast

The SL or Sport Lightweight is the most iconic Mercedes Benz model of them all, the SL has been a much sought after car from the early gull wing days, through the charming Pagoda style of the 60's and onto the muscular style of this '70's version.  Turn the key and the huge engine roars to life and settles into a throaty exhaust note.  Options to spare, you can enjoy the classic silver paint and navy blue interior with the top down, with the canvas soft top up, or with the Pagoda style removable hard top in place.  Hmmmm, choices, choices.

1966 Ford Mustang 289

Lee Iacoca's masterpiece.

This first generation mustang set the standard for the whole 'pony class' of sports car coupes.  Long hoods, short decks and beautiful lines.  This is the car that all turning of age teenagers lusted over and has inspired songs, poems and envy throughout the world.  Still one of the most successful model introductions of all time. With the Mustang, Ford had raised the bar, and other manufacturers fumbled to debut a car that would even come close to the mustang's huge success.

1969 Jaguar E-Type

"The most beautiful car ever made"   Enzo Ferrari

Considered by most to be among the top 10 most beautiful cars ever.  At it's unveiling at Earl's Court in London, Enzo Ferrari stated that it was the most beautiful car ever made.  Iconic and sleek, this jag makes a statement wherever it goes.  The flagship of English car engineering.

1969 Morris Minor Traveller

The English version of  a "surfer dude" woody

Take the charm and character of the beloved Morris Minor, add a wood structured estate wagon to the back and you end up with England's very own version of the California surfer-dude woody.  This Traveller came to us directly from Wiltshire County in England so is as legit as it gets with right hand drive, English plates and that lovely Trafalgar blue color.

1969 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

What's more classic and iconic than a bug!

Of all the cars in all the world, is there a more lovable car than a bug?  Practical, economical, fun, easy to work on, VW Beetles had it all...and still do.  Our Bug has been lovingly restored in its original Yukon Yellow with black basket weave interior.   Top up, it's a hoot.  Top down, it's a blast!

1962 Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans

Handmade in England, 1 of 250 ever built

This stunning hand built car was created as a joint venture between Sunbeam and Thomas Harrington Coach Builders to commemorate Sunbeam's victory at Le Mans in 1960.  Unique only begins to describe this car as it is one of just 80 known surviving cars of the original 250 that were ever built.  Finished in ebony black with scarlet leather and Wilton wool interior, burled walnut dash, wood rimmed Les Leston wheel and a Hartwell tuned engine.